contemporary art exhibition

29th Jun - 1st Jul

Candid Arts Trust, 3 Torrens St, Islington, London, EC1V 1NQ

PV Thurs 29th Jun 6-9pm

Open 10am-6:30pm Fri 30th Jun - Sat 1st Jul



WHAT NOW is a show reuniting fifteen early career artists,
giving the viewer the opportunity to look at a wide range
of practises and concerns. This exciting snapshot explores
the way these artists are dealing with a situation where
exasperation is at the heart of their contemporary artistic
life. New varied explorations and experiments in painting
and sculpture will be presented. This exhibition will bring
views about what the future might bear for emerging art and
artistic practice in London where the early years for artists
can be so precarious.



Badr Ali . Catalina Christensen . Emma Day . Holly Delaney

Fleur Dempsey . Shirley-Ann Galbraith . Paul Gogue

Alexandra Gribaudi . Chloe Herring . Felix Higham

Jean-Baptiste Lagadec . Emmanuelle Loiselle . Hiroaki Onuma .

Christine Parsons . Theodore Plytas . Philip Williams